• Preiswerte Pension in München - freies WLAN - gratis Parkplätze

  • Olympiapark München - immer eine Reise wert!

  • Reichhaltiges Frühstücksbuffet - mit Cappuccino, Kaffee oder Latte

FAQ Guesthouse Siddiqi München

  1. What do I receive for the price?
    A beautiful room in Munich, a comfortable place to sleep in a great city and everything you need for a pleasurable stay.

  2. When is the best time to book?
    It’s always better, and cheaper, to book early! But naturally you are welcome to just drop in at our guesthouse in Munich to ask for a room. Feel free to call us at +49(0)89/ 1588 2809. The best thing to do is give us a call and ask us whether there is a room free in our guesthouse.

  3. Do I need to get in touch again after an online booking?
    Not really; once you have received your booking confirmation the room is booked in your name. But feel free to call if you have any questions: tel. +49(0)89/ 1588 2809 or send us an e-mail.

  4. When must I cancel without incurring charges?
    Just check our booking form.

  5. When is the latest arrival time, and when is the earliest I can get my room?
    You can arrive after 3 pm; the rooms will be there for you if you have an order confirmation.

  6. How long can I remain in the room on departure days?
    Please leave the rooms no later than 11.30 am. This lets the staff prepare it for the next guests. No doubt they will want to get into their rooms, too.

  7. Where do I find the guesthouse in Munich?
    You can find information on how to get here directly under Arrivals on our website. Here you can calculate and print out your best route to Munich. We have described the last stretch to our door. You’ll also find information on which underground and bus lines to take.

  8. How do families sleep in the guesthouse?
    We have a special service for families. We always manage to accommodate families in one room. Naturally, children don’t pay the full price. Children under six sleep for free in our guesthouse. We also provide baby beds at no extra charge.

  9. Can I park close to the guesthouse?
    Our guests can park in our own carpark in cars and even lorries (up to 7.5 t) free of charge. This is a special and unusual service for Munich.

  10. Can I get into my room at night?
    Our guesthouse doesn’t close. You will receive a key to your room and the main entrance. This means you can go out and return any time you like. The house rules provide further details.

  11. Is there Internet access?
    All of our rooms come with free Wi-Fi. This is very unusual for guesthouses in Munich, and it is a pleasure for us to offer you this service.

  12. And what about smoking?
    It is not permitted to smoke in our rooms to ensure that other guests also enjoy their stay. There are dedicated smoking areas outside the guesthouse.

  13. Can I take my dog to the guesthouse?
    Of course your dog can come along. The large size of our premises means that we can accommodate dog-owners in such a way that other guests will barely notice they are there.

  14. What does Pension / Hostel mean?
    It simply means that the benefits of both categories are merged. You can book singles and also doubles in our guesthouse. We also offer accommodation in multiple bed rooms for guests on a tight budget.

  15. Can I have my mail sent to the guesthouse?
    Naturally, people staying in our house can have their mail sent here. We would be pleased to accept it at reception, where you can also pick up your mail.